Chesterfield Township Fire Commissioners
 District 2


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Chesterfield Fire House
296 Bordentown-Chesterfield Road, Chesterfield, NJ 
Mailing Address:  295 Bordentown-Chesterfield Road, Chesterfield, NJ  08515
(609) 298-1024

   Notice Of Budget Hearing

   Notice Is Hereby Given that a hearing on the 2019 budget for the commissioners for Fire District Two in the Township of Chesterfield, Burlington County, New Jersey shall be held on January 14, 2019 at 8:00PM in the Chesterfield Fire House, 296 Bordentown Chesterfield Rd., Chesterfield, New Jersey, at which time objections and other comments on the proposed budget shall be received from the public. Action will be taken at this meeting. Following the close of the public meeting, the fire commissioners may adopt the budget, may amend it or take such other appropriate actions as permitted by law. 

  A copy of the approved budget shall be available to each person requesting same during the week preceding the public hearing, upon personal or written request, from the undersigned secretary to the Board of Fire Commissioners, District Two, 296 Bordentown Chesterfield Rd., Chesterfield, NJ, 08515. Copies of the budget may be available from the Municipal Clerk  at 295 Bordentown Chesterfield Rd, Chesterfield, NJ 08515 during regular business hours.

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Chesterfield Township Fire District 2 shall be to serve and protect the residents and property of Chesterfield Township and the surrounding communities to the best of their ability.

Rules and Regulations
 The members of the Chesterfields Hose Company, operating under the direction of the Chesterfield Township Board of Fire Commissioners, District 2 shall conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times. Members shall operate as prescribed  in SOG's set forth by the Officers of the Company.

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